Mission and Vision Statement


 To satisfy the needs of our clients and guests, providing attention and quality services that is friendly to the environment.  Together with our collaborators, we will be contributing to the economic and tourist development of the region, with a growing awareness of sustainability throughout the years.


 To be recognized as the leading hotel in excellent services and the protection of the environment in the Caribbean area. To ensure job security for our employees, we aim to generate employment in the region and maintain high quality standards in our services.




 Service: When the quality of our services manages to meet and exceed the expectations of the guests.

 Respect: We base our relationships on ethics and interpersonal care.

 Quality: We pay attention to the requirements and needs of each guest.

 Honesty: We act with truth and justice by being respectful and honest with others.

 Commitment: We are aware of the quality standards that the hotel must meet, so we provide our services in the best way.

 Protection of the environment: Our actions are hand in hand with nature, mitigating our environmental impact, and protecting the ecosystems of the area for the enjoyment of ecosystem services.