Historic Review of Cahuita

Cahuita began to be populated in 1828 by hunters who settled in what is known as Punta Cahuita. By the year 1900 the city had already appeared on maps and had a government representative. In 1915 the inhabitants of the old site near Puerto were moved from Vargas and Punta Cahuita to the place known as The Bluff, thanks to the ex-president Alfredo Gonzales Flores as a sign of appreciation for his rescue in a ship that was shipwrecked near the ancient city of Cahuita. In 1978 the current Cahuita National Park was founded in order to conserve the ecosystems of the area and to enjoy.

 The hotel project began in 1998 as a retirement home for a Swiss couple with a large garden. On encountering tourist and economic feasibility due to the opportunities of the area, the Swiss couple invested in creating two rooms for accommodation.

 In the year 2004, the construction was completed with an extension of up to 10 rooms in the tourist complex.


 In the beginning there was not an abundant of biological diversity, as can be seen today. The influence of microclimate, humidity, the presence of animals and plant species have arisen after the conservation of forests and ecosystems present in the property, as well as the implementation of native plant species for the beautification of the hotel.