Summary of important information for the public about the impact on the Environment

Project description

The project consists of 10 rooms of approximately 600 m2 for the accommodation of tourists, with an installed capacity of 40 people for which the infrastructure is already built and the following constructive plans will be for improvements in environmental issues.


Project area and area of influence.

Project area: The total area of the project has an area of 12,000 m2. This is the area where the work is positioned.

Area of direct influence: This is determined according to the use of the area with respect to the hotel, which will not affect the entire space, with 65% being the area of use for the main activity.

 Area of indirect influence: It is made up of the effects that the project can indirectly cause. For this case the impacts to the area of influence are not considered relevant, because in the execution period there has been no disturbance to the ecosystems but more so, there has been an increase in the protection of the forest.


Table 2. List of possible impacts produced by a hotel.

Environmental elements


Description of the impact

Impact on the atmosfere.

1. Noise generation.




2. Atmospheric pollutants.




3. CO2 production.

1. Preventive and corrective maintenance of the hotel done occasionally.


2. The use of air conditioners and the recharging of them at least once every three years.


3. Cumulative effect for different processes of energy consumption, generation of waste and other hotel processes.

Impact on water: superficial, underground and hydrology.

 Groundwater consumption.


There is no water supply by any state entity so a well must be used. The monthly consumption in high season is on average 243m3. which corresponds to 4 months supply a year, and operates at 30% to 50% of the total capacity.

Impact on the land.

 Land use.

 The use of the land has been converted from a garden and green area to a hotel which comprise of 10 individual rooms. The area of the land is 12000m2 and the area of construction is 600m2.

Impact on the flora and fauna.

Conservation of forest patches.

35% of the hotel is a forest patch protected in a state of natural regeneration which provides habitat for species of the area and is in connection with other protected areas.

Impacts on the landscape and land uses.

1. Modification of the landscape.






2.Change of land use.


1.After the construction of the hotel the attractiveness of the landscape is reduced as a result of construction work and modification of the previous activity.


2. Effects of the work which has an area of 600m2.

Social impact.

Employee recruitment.

Occupancy of 12 permanent jobs for people in the area in the different functions of the hotel.


1.Electric consumption.











2.  Generation of residue.

The processes of commercial activity are estimated at an electric consumption of approximately 3500 Kw per month in high season, which corresponds to 4 months a year, consumption is then reduced by 30% to 50% in low season. The energy will be purchased from ICE.


Generation of 173 Kg of non-recoverable materials per month, due to the hotel's own activities in high season. This corresponds to 4 months a year, and is then reduced by 50% to 70% in the low season.


Table 4. Proposed measures for the Mitigation of environmental impact.

Negative impacts

Proposed measures


Plan to execute works during the season. Days in the year to be defined.

Atmospheric pollutants

Continuous review of air conditioners by a technician.

CO2 production

The hotel proposes to sow 40 trees per year.

Groundwater consumption


Implementation of technologies to save water. For example, taps in the hotel’s bathrooms.

Modification of the landscape

Assistance in the regeneration of natural spaces near the hotel.

Change in land use 

Reforestation of native species within the surroundings of the hotel.

Electric consumption

Implementation of technologies to save electricity, such as water heaters and switching to LED lightening bulbs.

Generation of residues Reduction of the amount of waste generated. Sustainable purchases with suppliers that work with biodegradable products. Recycle and encourage staff and guests.

Reduction of the amount of waste generated. Sustainable purchases with suppliers that work with biodegradable products.

Encourage staff and guests to recycle.



The total execution of the activities is scheduled for 2020, however, other measures are already being executed such as recycling.  We are seeking permission to work with a sanitary company for this activity, to have water heaters in most rooms and we have defined environmental policies, in addition to the incentive for energy savings.